When it seemed that it couldn’t go any further, Circo Los created their current show “Xarivari Blues”. Boris Ribas and Igor Buzato now accompanied by the charismatic and talented acrobats Roberto Carlos Ramalho and Antonio Correa Firmino, offer juggling, monocycles, trampoline (elastic bed), impossibe balance, breathtaking acrobatics, elegance and a lot of humor. All set up with a surprising scenography to the rythm of the music of “The Blues Brothers”.

This story is born at the RIO DE JANEIRO’s NATIONAL CIRCUS SCHOOL , the place we first met and formed ourselves .

The idea of “Xarivari Blues” appears when the four artists reencounter and wish to pay tribute to the old teachers of their school doing those same routines , adding the years of experience each one of them has gained on their different projects. It is divided in 4 numbers starting with the acrobatic dandys, followed by the monocycles and juggling. When the public thinks there can come no more, the show finishes with an unexpected and powerful trampoline number. All virtuously seasoned with sauces of humour and funny coreographies.

It is a show without words, happy, dynamic and light enjoy.ed by big and small people.


Watching video spectacle of the street


Watching video spectacle of the theatre