The company was founded in 2006 with the show “The history of circus tigers” starring Boris Ribas and Joan Arqué. Later he created the show “Memories of a circus tiger” a co-production with the company Grupo Contador de Historias en Brasil. But the “Cabaret parody” where the Circo Los really gaining, little more than an hour cabaret numbers format with only three artists: Boris Ribas, Igor Buzato and Rosa Peláez, a magnificent show that combineshumor , music, poetry visual and circus techniques bolder. Follow creations as “Xarivari Blues” with the addition of artists Roberto Carlos Ramalho and Antonio Correa Firmino, fascinating show whit a lot of rhythm. Circo Los winning continues to amaze and quality in their creations. Born too small shows like “Vintage Brothers”, “Circ Sol” or “Barreja” which incorporates live music. Circo Los is a fresh and dynamic company, enjoys creating new projects and entertainment and beyond every day.