With the help of a very special runner, Boris Ribas offers the public 45 minutes of a fun show of characters that transform in front of the public and undergo different circus techniques. The balances of the Tiger, the musical Grimègies of the Caiçara clown, a surprising number of magic, and the classic elegance of the ballet dancer Titi.



The tiger of Paraty, the king of the brilliantine, the feline that never falls apart, this is what it presented the clown Claret Papyol in the Circ Cric, Boris Ribas represents a tiger very “cocky” doing the pine on one, two and three Chairs on a table.

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With the participation of the public and playing different instruments (the trombone, tuba and piccolo, etc.) the nice Caiçara under the strong vigilance of the porter “Look for complications”until culminating in a classic number of magic, the trunk Escapist.


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A fun parody of the classic dancer on the cable.


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Circ Cric

In the TV show Tu si que vales